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Oratore nodarbība

Stage fright is a common experience for everyone who steps onto a stage. Those who conquer their fears are not only respected and admired but … also heard. The good news – public speaking is a skill anyone can learn.

To fully utilise all leadership potential, we – as women – need to be more daring, ambitious, and outspoken*. Public speaking specifically can become the catalyst for these changes – both in society and in personal growth.

The name Oratore originates from Cicero's dialogue De Oratore, where the ideal orator is described. Over two millennia ago, Cicero understood the power of words and the necessity of mastering them for those striving for attention and success. Today, this still holds – public speaking is one of the most powerful tools to persuade, inspire, and create a positive impact.

* For various historical and social reasons, it's often women who experience a fear of public speaking. Many of us have been raised to be quiet and polite – to be overachievers who always strive for perfection and maintain flawless appearances. Public speaking embodies everything we fear most – the possibility of making mistakes in front of others, being misunderstood, disagreed with, or worse, the realisation that we're not perfect. Unfortunately, this fear suppresses many great ideas and initiatives. Ideas are heard only when voiced, and by overcoming our fears and expressing them in front of an audience, we instil belief in them.



Five individual sessions in person or online, 300 minutes

Defining personal goals and potential

Structure of a persuasive speech

Refining authentic style

Working on body language, visual image

Video training and recommendations

Motivation before a performance

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Recommendations for authentic style

Video training and recommendations

Working on body language, visual image

Structure of a persuasive speech

Defining goals and professional potential

Motivating lecture on effective speaking

One masterclass in a group of up to 20 participants, 180 minutes


Includes light dinner, make-up and photo

Presentation materials

New business contacts

An encouraging, positive atmosphere

Individual recommendations

Coaching and mentoring

Practical training on persuasive speaking

Motivating lecture on effective speaking

One masterclass in a group of up to 10 participants, 180 minutes



The Oratore movement was founded by Dagnija Lejiņa, a reputation management and public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience, and Laura Vanaga, a business coach, recruitment consultant and author of books such as "Yoga and Sales" and "How to Succeed in Latvia".

Each of us has our own story of public speaking. Of fears. None of us were born natural orators, perhaps quite the opposite. Dagnija stuttered as a child, and this fear of failure to pronounce the words fluently froze her up. But determination prevailed. Continuously practising public speaking with recitation groups, she regained her courage to speak in front of an audience.

Laura played the violin and piano from her childhood days and performed complicated compositions in concerts. However, when later in life she had to go on stage to speak and express her thoughts, she was overrun by crippling stage fright. Nevertheless, through preparation, preparation, and more preparation for each presentation, panic slowly turned into adrenaline, and fear into pleasant excitement.

Each of us has a story of overcoming this fear. Just like skydiving, climbing a mountain to the highest peak or holding a spider, public speaking can also be a transformative journey of self-discovery. We've experienced it first-hand, and we know that practising public speaking with coaching techniques can boost your self-esteem, motivation, and confidence in your abilities. Deep within everyone lies the potential to present confidently, but it's the choice to take action that truly matters.


Sitting idly in the corner won't change the world. Too often, we waste precious time giving in to fear and envisioning worst-case scenarios. To overcome fear, we must cast aside our doubts. Stepping into the spotlight on stage is just another challenge we must take on. It's not easy, but we're here to help you prepare.

*Prices are shown excluding VAT

Dagnija Lejņa un Laura Vanaga

The Oratore Public Speaking Institute is a platform for developing and improving presentation skills, empowering leadership to achieve one's full potential.


Public speaking training

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